Since 2009 the Tea Party has set the debate on the direction of our country.  Both in Primaries and Elections we are seeing more constitutional conservative candidates defeating party establishment incumbents. 

In North Dakota the Tea Party is also having an impact.  The North Dakota Tea Party Caucus is taking a leading role in who represents our citizens at the state and national level.  Our mission is a “Commitment to Action” around a set of principles that include:

          – Individual Liberty                – Informed Consent

           Limited Government          – Personal Responsibility

Establishing a new political reality does not come without sincere effort.  In order to once again put the American people in charge, rather than having Washington control things, we must answer the calling of our time.  Join with your conservative friends/neighbors and commit to making those we elect answer to us.

If you are in agreement with the Tea Party movement in our country, please register your name below to participate in growing the NDTPC mission across the State of North Dakota.  You will receive email updates and be put in touch with like minded citizens in your area.

The North Dakota Tea Party Caucus pledges not to share any of your information.  We are using this information to help in locating your legislative district and for the ability of a local chapter to contact you.

visit our facebook page and “like” us at: north dakota tea party caucus or email us at ndtpcaucus@gmail.com 

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