The Bismarck Chapter of NDTPC has two events that you should plan on attending. 

US Senate Candidate Rick Berg is going to be in Bismarck on Tuesday January 10th, and has specifically asked that I invite all of you involved with the NDTPC to have coffee with him and he would like to answer any questions you may have.  The event will be from 10am until 11am at Expressway Suites, located at 180 East Bismarck Expressway.  Please keep in mind, that even though you may not agree with some of Representatives views, to please be respectful when asking questions.  We are not the Occupy Wall Street movement (smile)

The other US Senate Candidate, Duane Sand, will be in attendance at our next regularly scheduled NDTPC meeting which is next Thursday, January 12th.  This meeting will be held at 7pm at Kelly Inn.  Gubernatorial candidate Paul Sorum will also be in attendance.  With district conventions starting January 13th, we really need to continue to stay focused and have our ducks in a row before those meetings.  We will have specific duties for district leaders so please plan on attending.

Thank you all and see you next week.  As always, feel free to contact me with any questions.